Thursday, October 06, 2005

Getting 'Doored'

I don't know about you but I don't like getting 'doored'!
In other words cycling along in traffic and suddenly a car door opens in front of you and you smack into it. Not a very pleasant experience for the cyclist or for the car passenger / driver. And it can damage your bike and possibly the car door. If you take rapid avoiding action you can run into other problems like hitting someone else or some other vehicle or wall. Mind you if you have time to do that you probably have time enough to jam on the brakes and avoid the collision.

What can be done about it? Obviously you can travel far enough out from parked cars so that you have clearance. But when you have traffic on the other side you have to be careful of that too. The worst case is when you're travelling between parked cars and stationary traffic. Usually the space is quite tight. This is the time to be extremely careful. At least if traffic is moving passengers are less likely to jump out. It's when traffic is at a standstill that the risk is high. There's a huge temptation for a passenger to say "Sure, I'll just jump out here and walk. It'll be faster!" So in these situations I try to imagine that every single car is just about to open it's door! Not easy when you're just enjoying the breeze on your face travelling through backed up traffic on a fine sunny day!

Anyone have any 'dooring' experiences?