Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dangers and Annoyances

Here are some photos of some obstacles in Cork City

First off this is on Merchants Quay heading west approaching the Opera House. Some nice deep recessed drain outlets. This area was resurfaced but I think they left the covers at the old level! (and there isn't always so much space.)

Next up this is at the end of Washington Street heading west just before the new bridge linking to Sharman Crawford Street. They obviously didn't get around to filling the gap around the cover.

At least the cycle lane (?) tends to go outside it!

Here's a close-up of the same manhole cover.

This is Paul Street with the stone drains. They look great but are lethal when they're wet! Especially if you are cycling parallel to them and your front wheel happens to go into them. It will very easily slip sideways and you fall over.

I try to approach these at right angles like tram tracks.

And my own Favourite!

This is on Sraid An tAthar Maitiu heading south from the South Mall towards Father Mathew Quay. (coming upto side of RTE building)

It's a real beauty! Quite an old drain cover with a high frame.
(the U-lock is to show the scale!)

If you know of any more then you can put it up on the blog. Contact me and I'll show you how it works. Happy Cycling!


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