Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Cork's One Ways

Here's a map of Cork city centre showing the one ways. (ignore the coloured dots - they represent existing and proposed bike parking.)

This might make sense (!) from a traffic management point of view but for a cyclist it is very inconvenient. A bicycle takes up very little space on the road so there is little reason to stop cyclists from using the most direct route.

And in fact this is what most cyclists do. This should be legalised by allowing cyclists to go against one ways. Of course it has to be well signposted for all road users and maybe it wouldn't work for some one ways but if we can put a man on the moon surely we can manage this!

Bikes Allowed on Local Trains!

Yes it's true folks.

After only about 15 years of lobbying, Ireland's national railway Iarnrod Eireann, has finally decided to allow bikes to be carried on local trains.
So from now in Cork the local Cobh and Midelton trains should allow bikes in off peak times.
(10.00 - 15.30 and after 19.00) Keep an eye out for changes.
Of course some trains are practically empty at peak time especially if they are heading out of the city so maybe the rules will be adjusted.
I for one am looking forward to heading off on the weekends on the train with my bike!